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"Each work of art is original and one of a kind. Each is a moment in time – a feeling, a thought, a hope, a dream; a treasure of an experience that I had once and will never have again. No two people have the same experience in a work of art. When I hand the painting over to you, it becomes yours. You begin creating your own moments within it – your hopes and dreams and thoughts and feelings. I start the piece, but you are the one who completes it."

- Wendy Froshay

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"Wendy Froshay’s mastery of color and movement resonates with an emotional depth that captivates the viewer, seamlessly creating movement and energy to create unexpected revelation."

- James Black

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"Wendy takes a blank canvas and voila, creates magic."

- Irene Prokopenko

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"Froshay's paintings are undeniably compelling and timeless, offering something for art aficionados the world over."

- Timothy Kilty

"Wendy's art possesses an emotional resonance that captivates the eye of the beholder and stirs the soul."

- Sergio Prince

"Froshay's work is moving, mystical and mesmerizing. Some of her images possess uniquely rythmic and lyrical qualities while others are more powerful and passionate in nature. Still others are spellbindingly poignant and serene - displaying the full range of her artistic talents. All of her creations resonate with intense feeling and breathe with life, inspiring us to venture into a wondrous land where hopes and dreams come alive."

- Tien Frogget

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